“Cuidar da natureza, é cuidar da vida”

“To take care of nature, is to take care of life”

Natchi is a line of hair and body self-care products made with 100% natural, active ingredients sourced from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. The ingredients are expertly blended in France, leveraging French cosmetic expertise and the potent power of the Amazonian ingredients to create a truly effective and luxurious self-care experience.

Natalia’s unique background has shaped her perspective and approach to life. Raised in the diverse cultures and natural beauty of Northern Brazil, and educated between Paris and London, Natchi brings together the best of two distinct worlds.

From her family and local communities, she learned to appreciate and respect nature, developing a fascination for exploring the benefits of indigenous fruits and plants. However, she also witnessed the effects of environmental changes and their impact on native communities.

This led her to create Natchi, a sustainable initiative that supports the preservation of the Brazilian rainforests through empowering local communities. Natchi’s approach is straightforward, environmentally conscious, and guided by a steadfast commitment to protecting mother nature, promoting sustainability, and serving the communities that call the rainforests home.